Module 01-01 - Welcome to the Course

Welcome to the Course! Watch this special message from Aaron before moving forward in the course.

As you get started, it would be good to bookmark in your web browser this link:

That page, in addition to the video pages will provide you links to the tools necessary for building your new church website!

On each lesson page of this course, you will find links to the necessary tools, a video teaching the lesson (together with an audio file of the lesson). Both of these files are downloadable if you would like to download a copy for offline viewing.

In addition, there are PDF and Microsoft Word document files with the transcript of the lesson. These can be downloaded as well for those who prefer reading or desire a searchable record of the course material.

These transcripts are essentially word-for-word transcripts of the videos, so we apologize for any grammatical mistakes or typos. Much like humans, computers don't always understand Aaron :-D.